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Basmat Amal Center for Rehabilitation and Autistic Children

Definition of the Center

The Basmat Amal Center for Rehabilitation and Autism Children is licensed by the Ministry of Education and provides treatment services for children with autism, speech, learning difficulties, delayed development of mental abilities and behavioral problems. It has a staff of 9 years experience in this field
It targets children from 4 to 15 years of age and serves all segments of society regardless of sex, race and religion. The Center’s work is currently concentrated in the Gaza Strip.

Objectives of the Center:

The main objective of the Center:
A specialized center that provides academic, rehabilitation, therapeutic and recreational services for children with learning difficulties, speech disorders and autistic children in Gaza govern orate. Students with learning difficulties are also identified and assisted in rehabilitation .

Special objectives

  1. Providing educational services and educational programs suitable for students of learning difficulties.
  2. Contributing to the diagnosis and treatment of learning difficulties faced by primary school children.
  3. Contribute to the treatment of speech disorders in children.
  4. Provide awareness support to teachers, students, parents and related institutions.
  5. Contributing to changing the negative perception of the families of children with disabilities in Gaza governorate from rehabilitation institutions
  6. Change the perspective of the parents towards their children with disabilities.

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