Helping needy families to restore and buy homes

Unbearable cold in winter and boiling hot in summer, this is the plight of many Palestinians living in makeshift shelters or worse; homeless
Basmat Amal Center for Rehabilitation and Autistic Children
That’s why we are building homes in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, , to keep families safe and secure

Each house can accommodate a large family of six
In addition, electricity and water supplies will be provided to these families
The cost of building each house is 7000 USD, and your support will mean that Basmat Amal Center will be able to provide the necessary assistance to families
allowing them to live in safety and dignity, while providing the basis for them to begin rebuilding their lives
We are committed to providing long-term assistance, so we will be visiting families after 6 months to see what they are doing and provide them with more support if needed

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