Ramadan campaigns for families with disabilities 2023 – Gaza

The Gaza Strip is currently living under more siege, unemployment, and an increase in the number of poor families affected by wars and affected by the winter season

The population of the Gaza Strip has reached 2,000,000 million, and more than 800,000 children are at risk

The continuation of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, especially the suffering of poor families who suffer more than others from extreme poverty, has led to an increase in the number of poor families in the Gaza Strip. This economic blockade has become unprecedented in more than 15 years

There are poor families who depend entirely on foreign aid, so it was necessary to stand by these poor families in the holy month of Ramadan

Our project will contribute to providing the basic requirements of Ramadan for needy families

It is expected that tens of families in all govern orates of the Gaza Strip will benefit from the project through the implementation of several projects. Ramadan Projects are as the following

 Iftar project*

 Food parcel project*

 Zakat project*

 Voucher project*

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