Ramadan food parcels for Gaza families.

The Israeli siege continues to stifle the Gaza Strip, making life unbearable, especially the suffering of poor families suffering the most from extreme poverty, which has led to an increase in the number of poor families in the Gaza Strip. This economic blockade is unprecedented, with unemployment reaching record levels exceeding 45%. Poor households have become entirely dependent on foreign aid. Therefore, it was necessary to stand next to these poor families in the month of Ramadan, the month of blessing and goodness. 

the summery of project:

The project is based on providing breakfast for 100 poor families in Gaza.

Project goals:

Contributing to helping the poor.
Providing food and drink to poor families.

The project justification:

Parents’ inability to provide sufficient funds to help them live in dignity due to deteriorating economic conditions.
Relieve the psychological stress caused by the siege and restrictions.

Target group: The most needy families in the Gaza Strip.

Beneficiaries: 100 poor families in the Gaza Strip  .

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