School Supplies For Students in Gaza

School bag and stationery project

It is a unique project in which we help students, especially the poor from needy families, who are inside the challenge School , and outside the school. The school is keen to implement it at the beginning of each academic year. The economic crisis that is exacerbated by the day due to the loss of many families of their livelihoods, so that the Palestinian student is no longer able to bear his educational needs. Through this project, school bags and stationery will be distributed to the children.

Project goals:

Contribute to enhancing Gaza students’ access to education and relieving economic pressure on their families.

• Providing students with basic school supplies.
* Reducing the financial and economic burdens on Palestinian families.
• Encouraging students to study and go to school.
• Contribute to supporting the education of children with disabilities and autism disorders.

Project budget

1- School bag and stationery 50 $
2- school uniform  40 $

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