Supporting children with disabilities by establishing a physical and occupational therapy room

The successive wars on the Gaza Strip and the blockade imposed for nearly 12 years have led to an increase in the suffering of children with disabilities, and children in particular suffer from many disabilities and traumas, including severe and moderate ones, as it affects the lives of persons with disabilities, and has a clear impact on injury. Hundreds of citizens and leaving them with many physical disabilities and psychological trauma, where they need to take their hands and help them pass this difficult stage of their lives and rehabilitate them. and psychological support so that they can live with their peers in the community who have less psychological problems.

Project Description

Our idea is to create a psychological and therapeutic support room inside the center because of the suffering of the disabled and the suffering of the children themselves from not providing complete services in one place, including psychological, therapeutic and functional rehabilitation services. Therefore, we at Smile Amal Rehabilitation Center and Autistic Children have a vision in establishing a specialized place for all services provided by them to provide an occupational therapy room that complements our rehabilitation program for people with disabilities.

Project justification

Reducing the burden on persons with disabilities
Improving their psychological condition by developing the capabilities of persons with disabilities and integrating them into society
Helping parents acquire the necessary skills to deal with the expected needs of their disabled child
target group
Children suffering from psychological trauma
Children with sensory problems
Autistic children
Mobility disability category
Late growth category
Children with neurological and cognitive problems

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