Sponsorship of 100 disabled students in Gaza.

The blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and the successive attacks launched by the Israeli forces against the Palestinians in Gaza have led to an increase in the suffering and pain of the Palestinians, along with the suffering of the rehabilitation centers and institutions there. The ongoing Israeli aggression affects the lives of persons with disabilities and has a clear impact on their mental and physical development. Sometimes it exacerbates the trauma. People like them really need our support to take their hand and help them overcome this terrible phase of their lives by allowing them to integrate into society and adjust to their disabilities.

The group of people with disabilities that we care about the most are children with mental disabilities, children with Down syndrome, and children with autism. They suffer from extremely difficult conditions, and this suffering has been exacerbated in various ways under the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, as it was embodied in the deterioration of academic, social and psychological conditions.

Let’s all start with our loving energy to support and serve them and give them an opportunity to interact and integrate into the community after safely completing rehabilitation.

The idea of the project is to provide therapeutic, rehabilitative, academic and recreational services for children with mental disabilities, Down syndrome children and autistic children in the Gaza Strip for a period of no less than 6 months upon observing the clear positive impact on the students. “The progress and success of our rehabilitation and treatment plan. We at Smile Amal Center seek to help and rehabilitate them through accurate and effective rehabilitation, health and academic plans.

Overall Objective:

Ensuring the integration and rehabilitation of 100 students with disabilities, children with Down syndrome and autism in the Gaza Strip.


Providing educational and recreational services and programs suitable for children with disabilities.

Contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of children with disabilities within the center and their integration into our society.

Diagnosing and treating children with autism and working to reduce their unwanted behaviors and improve their skills that help them integrate into society.

Provide a healthy meal for children

Conducting behavior modification sessions to develop children’s social level and enhance their self-confidence.

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