Project Goal:
Provide a range of stationery products designed specifically for children with disabilities, promoting their individuality and creative abilities by offering tools that enable effective participation in educational and artistic activities.

Project Description:
The project involves designing and producing a variety of stationary products tailored for children with disabilities, such as:

Comfortable Grips: Design pens and pencils with ergonomic grips, making it easy for children who have difficulty holding objects.

Braille Paper: Print paper with Braille for children with visual impairments.

Erasable Markers: Provide markers that are erasable and less likely to cause messes.

Templates for Drawing and Letters: Raised templates to help children draw letters and shapes with precision.

High-Contrast Colors: Offer a set of colors that show high contrast for children with visual impairments.

Expected Benefits:
Increased Participation: This project aims to increase the involvement of children with disabilities in educational and creative activities.

Boost Self-Confidence: The use of specially designed stationery tools will help build self-confidence in these children.

Enhanced Learning: The appropriate tools will improve the learning process and interaction with the educational environment.

The project will be funded through donations and local partnerships with schools and organizations focused on disabilities.

Implementation Steps:
Needs Assessment: Engage with the community of children with disabilities to identify their specific needs.

Design and Development: Create stationary products based on the identified needs.

Production and Distribution: Manufacture the products and distribute them to schools and institutions.

Workshops: Conduct workshops to teach children how to effectively use the tools.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuously monitor product usage and gather feedback for improvements.

Through the “Diverse Creators” project, we aim to support and empower children with disabilities, enabling them to interact positively in learning and creative environments.

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